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    Dolphin Head Story Bridge is an interactive multimedia platform for sharing stories and cultural heritage. This platform is presented by Amelia Wilhelmina Elliott-Harvey Estates (AWEHE), with assistance from OurStoryBridge, Local Contexts, Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA), and Native American Media Alliance (NAMA).


    Dolphin Head Story Bridge is a registered tribal media member of Indigenous Journalists Association.

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    Rahe-Wanitanama (they/them)

    Managing Editor and Reporter


    Rahe-Wanitanama is from Dolphin Head Forest Reserve, where they feel most at home tending their community’s cassava field in the village of Askenish, near Garden Bush in western Jamaica. Rahe’s goal is to help shape the narrative identity of the Ciboney Taíno through multimedia journalism, and to facilitate emotional and psychological reparations for her people living in regional and diasporic communities. Previously Rahe was an Unscripted Fellow for Native American Media Alliance, Leadership Fellow for NBCU Academy at NAHJ 2023 and a Journalism Fellow for IJA-NPR Next Generation Radio Indigenous 2023.


    Ways to connect with Rahe:
    • @rahewanitanama on Instagram/Threads
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