• Embark on a voyage of discovery and kinship. Delve into each village and their descent groups. Interact with the living legacy of Dolphin Head through the voices and sagas that shape its distinct identity. This website, in its Delta release, captures the vibrant pulse of our community's saga.

  • Welcome to Dolphin Head Story Bridge, a spiral of life where this life-sustaining symbol takes on a heart-shaped living structure. Within this spiral, the forest range embodies the heart's chambers, with each segment pulsating with its rhythm and vitality that is essential for sustaining the community's life force. Like vital valves, the villages regulate the flow of culture and tradition, acting as gatekeepers of wisdom and heritage. Most importantly, the community's stories weave through this living structure like ligaments, creating a network of connections that binds this community together in a tapestry of shared experiences and collective memory. This platform, Dolphin Head Story Bridge, resonates with these elements, mirroring the cosmic dance of life and nature in community storytelling.

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    MAP OF DOLPHIN HEAD: The above map shows the heart of Dolphin Head, where the land's rhythm reverberates through the lifeblood of its two distinct villages: Askenish and Grange Hill. Here, each family, clan, and group weaves together to form the heartbeat of the community, a tapestry of stories pulsating with life.

    In Western Jamaica, Dolphin Head Forest Reserve’s existence interlaces with the ecological sanctuary that this community calls home. Every tree, every frog call, every whisper of palm leaves melds into traditional ways of orienting and grounding, creating a tapestry of symbiosis that is immortalized in this community’s shared history. We are etching a digital spiral of these bonds, embodying the spirit of this community’s enduring connection with this natural refuge. 


    While the full launch is still in the works, with plans to extend our reach to partnering schools in the diaspora, we invite you to witness the evolution of this project. Our story maps, currently in their nascent stage, will gradually fill with stories from community-sponsored events, capturing the essence of our traditions, crafts, and collective joy. Each event and story adds another layer to our vibrant cultural mosaic.


    Join us in this digital celebration of our culture as we patiently lay the groundwork for a launch that promises to bring our community's stories to life, not just for us but for the diaspora and beyond. With each event and each story collected, watch as the map on this site fills with the rich tapestry of our shared history and experiences. Your participation and support are the lifeblood of this project, helping us to weave a bridge of stories that transcends time and space.